Next Level Classes

weekly drop-in hockey classes


Please read the descriptions and requirements for each session to ensure you sign up for the correct sessions.

Goalie Power Skating

  • Beginner Goalie Power Skating (Open to goalies playing in or interested in playing in House League)
  • Advanced Goalie Power Skating (Open to goalies playing travel hockey or with permission from [email protected])

Goalie Power Skating classes will focus on the skating required to be successful as a goalie. Each class will spend time on mastering all the fundamental skills of skating and edgework that goalies often skip over. We will spend time learning the best ways of moving in the crease to maximize your success as a goalie. We will work to build your power, strength and endurance in the net while learning to make the best skating decisions for each situation. Classes will be taught by LV Storm Goaltending Director Brittney Brooks and current NCAA Division 3 Goaltender Gage Roberts. The classes will be taught during Private Lesson Ice and the cost of ice time is included.

Information / Requirements
  • Price: $30 for beginner, $40 for advanced
  • Maximum Players Per Session: 6 Players
  • Length: 45 Minutes for beginner, 1hr for advanced
  • Location: North Rink
High-Performance Shooting

Our High-Performance Shooting class offers a 2:1 Player to Coach ratio for the duration of the 30-minute class. Each player will receive individualized feedback, beginning with shooting fundamentals, and transitioning into advanced shot technique and shot release motions. The end goal of this class is to improve upon basic form principals in order to develop a players’ shot power, release time, and shooting accuracy. Advanced shooters will transition into different types of shot releases that will add deception and movement to the puck which will enhance their offensive arsenal on the ice.

This class is for more advanced shooters (playing house league at minimum) who are ready to put the work in to take their game to the Next-Level.

Information / Requirements
  • Price: $40
  • Maximum Players Per Session: 2 Players
  • Length: 30 Minutes
  • Equipment: Workout attire (running shoes)/Stick/Gloves
  • Location: Shooting Room (North rink, before locker rooms)
Goalie Skills

This one hour class will focus on the fundamentals of skating, movement, positioning, save technique and rebound control. Goalies rotate through stations designed to touch on each of the above skills in during the session. All levels are encouraged to participate. If it is your first time playing goalie or you do not have your own goalie equipment, please contact [email protected] before signing up.

This session is for skaters age 6 and older.

Information / Requirements
  • Price: $25
  • Maximum Players Per Session: 20 Players
  • Length: 60 Minutes
  • Equipment: Full Goalie Equipment
  • Location: On Ice
Skating Treadmill

Our Off-Ice Power Skating Class offers a proven method for improving a players skating stride, speed, and power through the exclusive use of our skating treadmills. With a limited 2:1 Player to Coach ratio, players will experience in-depth individual feedback on the complex aspects involved in their skating stride. Our treadmills allow for 2 main types of improvement to a players skating:

  • Technique: Individualized coaching focus will include the following; body positioning, stride length, and correct motion patterns to increase stride efficiency. Since most young players are visual learners, the treadmill system offers an opportunity for players to watch themselves in the mirror as well as use video play back. This is critical in the development of their understanding of correct movement patterns in their skating technique.
  • Power/Endurance: Once a player is able to build his foundation of efficient motions and correct technique, the treadmill allows him to increase his/her power and endurance through repetition and time under tension. It allows a player to build up muscle groups and endurance that directly translate to on ice performance in a unique way because they are able to work on these things in the skating position (as opposed to bike, running, lifting, etc.).

Regardless of your current skating level, this class will improve a player’s technique, power and endurance.

This session is for skaters age 8 and older.

Information / Requirements
  • Price: $40
  • Maximum Players Per Session: 2 Players
  • Length: 45 Minutes
  • Equipment: Lower half gear (Skates, Shin pads, Pants) and Helmet
  • Location: Gym (North Rink)
Power Skating

This one hour on ice class will focus on developing the skaters' stride and skating technique. Classes will feature drills focusing on edge control, power and agility.

This session is for skaters playing House League and above.

Information / Requirements
  • Price: $35
  • Maximum Players Per Session: 30 Players
  • Length: 60 Minutes
  • Equipment: Full hockey gear including stick
  • Location: On Ice
Stick Handling

30 minute off ice class designed to build on the fundamentals of stickhandling and introduce advanced concepts. Players will develop their speed and range of motion though high repetition training.

Information / Requirements
  • Price: $15
  • Maximum Players Per Session: 6 Players
  • Length: 30 Minutes
  • Equipment: Workout attire (running shoes)/Stick
  • Location: Stick Handling Designated Area (North Rink - bleachers)

Take it to the Next Level!

Next Level training sessions are designed for players that desire to improve their individual skills and excel in game situations. These sessions will break down and isolate skills in order to improve the players all around performance. Through low player to coach ratios and high repetition training, players will have the chance to focus on their individual development and get personalized feedback. Our goal is to give players the opportunity and resources to take their game to the next level.

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