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Skating Academy
Ages 4-16
You have to learn to skate before you can play hockey! Pass through the Pre-Alpha level in order to advance into our hockey programs. Each Skating Academy session lasts 8 weeks.
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NHL Learn to Play
Ages 5-9
NHL Learn to Play is designed for players 5-9 years old who have completed Skating Academy. This includes full gear, jersey, and eight weeks of practice.
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Lil' Knights
Ages 5-16
Lil' Knights is available to skaters who have completed NHL Learn to Play or skaters over 9 who have completed Pre-Alpha Skating Academy. This program is broken down into 3 levels that players progress through at their own rate. Each session last 8 weeks.
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House League
Ages 6-18
Las Vegas Ice Center House Leagues are open to players 6 - 18 years old that have completed Lil' Knights. At this level, players are assigned to a team and have one practice and one game per week for 16 weeks.