Fridays 7/14 to 8/18  8:45-10:00 PM 

Adult Skills Clinic 

This clinic is for beginner to intermediate adult hockey players that would like to work on their individual skills as well as their game play. The program is six weeks, July 14th to August 18th.

10% Discount for Returning Players!

Week 1 and 2 

Power Skating and Puck Handling 

Week 3 and 4 

Passing and Playmaking/ Angling and Body Contact 

Week 5 and 6 

Breakout, Forecheck and Scrimmages 

Meet The Coaches

Adult Clinic Coaches

Jen Senecal

UMASS Boston 

Zoe Zamora

LV Storm Coach 

Chase McCrossan 

LV Storm 

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