Adult Hockey Leagues


The Las Vegas Ice Center offers adult hockey 4 nights per week.
Our aim is to provide you the opportunity to play the exciting game of hockey at a competitive yet fun level. Enjoyment and sportsmanship are first and foremost.
Each night varies in skill yet offers adults ages 18 and older an opportunity to compete and enjoy the game of hockey at a level that each is comfortable with.


Monday Fremont "35+" DIVISION  - New 15 game Summer session runs 5/6 - 8/26, 2019
Wednesday Sahara "A/B" DIVISION - New 16 game Summer session runs 5/15 - 8/28, 2019
Thursday Flamingo "C" DIVISION - New 16 game Summer session runs 5/9 - 8/29, 2019
Thursday Tropicana "D" DIVISION - New 16 game Summer session runs 5/9 - 8/29, 2019
Sunday Charleston "Beginner" DIVISION - New 13 Summer session runs 5/26 - 8/25, 2019

For more information on pricing, scheduling and team information, please call 702.320.7777 or send email to


***All players must be registered with USA Hockey to be eligible to participate***




All players must be registered with USA Hockey for the current 2018-2019 season!!!



For Questions about adult hockey please call 702.320.777 or email [email protected]

Adult Hockey Questions

Q:What is it?

The adult hockey program is designed as a recreational activity for those players looking to participate in a competative yet fun level of play that prohibits fighting, checking or any verbal abuse towards teammates, opponents, referees or off-ice officials.

Q:When is it?

Adult hockey is offered 5 nights a week from Sunday through Thursday. Levels from beginner to open compete on regularly scheduled nights.
"B/C" Level 35+(Monday) - 35+ league. The league is designed for good competition, but also to slow down the pace of the game.
"A" Level (Sunday) - The best players in town. Most of the players played semi-pro, college or junior hockey.
"A-"-"B" Level (Wednesday) - Accomplished players with a solid understanding of the game and team concepts. 
"B-"-"C-" Level (Tuesday) - Intermediate level but still challenging, set up on an individual basis per team need. Players are still developing hockey skills but want to compete in a league format.
"C"-"D" Level (Thursday) - Beginner/intermediate league set up on an individual basis per team need. Players with limited experience, working on the basic skills such as skating, shooting, passing and stick handling. This is our fastest growing session as players improve during a game setting.

Q:Who can play?

The program is offered to adults 18 years of age or older who's goal is to get involved in the competitive sport of ice hockey at a level where fun and camaraderie are one's main focus.

Q:Are there opening for new players?

Yes, in most leagues

Q:How do I get started?

All players must fit the skill level of the night/league the team plays.  All decisions are at the discretion of the Adult League Director.

Q:What equipment is required?

Each participant is required to wear full protective gear including a helmet, shoulder pads, elbow pads, gloves, pants, shin guards, jock, mouth guard and skates. Neck guards are optional.


It is the responsibility of each team to have like colored jerseys with each player having a non-duplicated number permanently attached.  We will not allow a different color jersey nor will two or more players on the same team be permitted to wear the same number.  All teams getting new jerseys must get the color approved by the League Director.

Q:Team Roster

All teams will be required to have a minimum of 12 players on their roster. If a team needs a substitute he will be allowed to play for one game; the cost is $30.00 payable towards the league fees and registered on that team for the remainder of that session. If the substitute comes back for a second game, he will be required to make full payment for the remainder of the season. No player is eligible to substitute for multiple teams on the same night.