NEW 8 WEEK SESSION: MAY 2, 2017 thru JUNE 21, 2017




Downloadable "Hockey 1,2,3" Registration Form May 2 thru June 21, 2017

"Hockey 1,2,3" is all year round introductory hockey program for skaters (ages 4 +) designed to teach the fundamentals of skating and puck control related to the exciting game of ice hockey.
Upon successful completion of all levels, skater will be prepared to participate in the youth “In-House” level leagues at
Las Vegas Ice Center. Classes are 8 week sessions (except if specified). Each class will consist of thirty minutes of instruction followed by thirty minutes of open ice to practice skills learned during each class.
It is highly recommended that students continue practicing these skills during “Public Skating” & "Stick and Puck"sessions throughout the week in order to promote a quick progression through the program.
All Players will be evaluated at the end of each 8 week session in preparation for the higher level.
Our goal is to provide excellent and enjoyable instruction in a safe environment.
This is a fun introduction to the great sport of ice hockey.

  • Hockey 1 is for the beginning player with very basic skating skills. (Players advise to complete Tot 3/4 levels of "Learn to Skate" program) The focus of the course will be on proper skating techniques in Forward and Backward Skating.
  • Hockey 2 is for players who have completed Hockey 1 or possess a similar skill level. This session will focus on strengthening existing skating skills: Forward and Backward Crossovers, Hockey Stops and introduction to stick handling and puck control skills.
  • Hockey 3 players have completed Hockey 2 or have considerable background in the game of hockey. Skills are further developed in preparation for introduction to game situations and Las Vegas Ice Center "In-House" Leagues Hockey.

"Hockey 1,2,3" Complete Skills & Tests description

A Learn to Play Hockey student who has passed all levels will be skilled at Forward Skating and Crossovers, Backward Skating and Crossovers, Hockey Stops, Passing and Puck Receiving Skills, Shooting Skills and Introductory Game Skills.

Full Equipment is required for all Hockey 1,2, 3  - Each participant is required to have the following:  Skates, Helmet (with cage or full face shield), Chest Protector, Pants, Gloves, Shin Guards, Elbow Pads,  Mouth Guard, Jock (male players), Pelvic Protector (female players) and a Stick.  Skaters will receive a jersey.  Neck guards are optional.


"HOCKEY 1,2,3" BRONZE PACKAGE  $ 135.00 (One class per week) 8 classes total
"HOCKEY 1,2,3" SILVER PACKAGE    $ 255.00 (Two classes per week) 16 classes total

The Las Vegas Ice Center will provide skates if necessary at no charge. Beginning Hockey Equipment can be purchased at the Las Vegas Ice Center Pro-shop

*Players with no ice skating experience are encouraged to start in the "Learn to Skate" program prior to these classes.
* Players will be evaluated at the end of each session in preparation for the higher level.
* No refunds for missed classes

For additional information, please contact
[email protected]