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Skating is the foundation of playing hockey

At The Las Vegas Ice Center we have developed our own hockey specific training protocols used by athletes of all abilities and skill Levels. The hockey Treadmill is a great tool to improve balance, edge work, posture, stride technique, and increasing your lactate threshold. Only at The Las Vegas Ice Center can you work on Multi-Tasking and Vision enhancement and Neurological-confusion training. The Las Vegas Ice Center has the one of most innovative and up to date Treadmill Training programs available anywhere, and we invite you to check it out today…we guarantee once you have tried our program you will not go anywhere else. After one session on the Endless Ice skating treadmill coaches will detect and work with you to correct your stride. Without proper skating mechanics you cannot possess the speed, quickness or balance needed to stay a step ahead of your competition.

“The skating treadmill has really helped me with me fundamentals of skating and endurance. Playing at a top level you have to be a strong and powerful skater. Every summer I use the treadmill 3 times a week to lengthen my stride, build muscle in my legs and work on my cardio.”
-Kenny Brooks- Penn State University NCAA Division I
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Endless Ice Training Session Plans

Each session will have between one and fours skaters grouped together.  The skaters will rotate on and off the treadmill in sequence throughout the training period.  Session times vary depending on the number of skaters.

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