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Enhance your on-ice skills outside the rink



This class is for those who do not have a lot of experience working out. During these class sessions, basic movements within strength and conditioning will be taught so that these individuals can successfully, and safely move to the next level of training. We seriously take the walk before you can run approach with training, and would love to build a wonderful foundation before attempting more difficult training.


This class will be split up into age groups. In this class, we will work on building on the foundation you already have, while putting scientific knowledge into practice to help you become the best physical version of yourself for whatever you may want to accomplish. We will also attempt to reduce compensations that have been built in your body through your general movement, or movement-related to sports. In this class, we really strive to make you the best possible athlete.


(Speed, Mobility, Agility, and Quickness)

This class is dedicated to helping you become more efficient, agile, mobile, and even faster. Within this class, we will work on various techniques to help you become the fastest and most mobile version of yourself to help you combat what life throws at you in a flexible and fast manner. Most of these classes will take place on the turf and will be geared towards those looking for that extra step both on and off the ice.


This class is for those who want to learn how to recover faster, more efficiently, and those who want to have true longevity in their active lives. I wish I could convey how important recovery is, but it really does make the difference in how you handle what life throws at you. Learning how to recover properly can lead to the prevention of injuries both short-term and long-term. The more we ignore our recovery, the greater toll is taken on the body. This class is geared towards those who really want to be active for a long span of their life, and want to have a better overall feeling in their day-to-day lives.


This class is for adults who are looking to get more direction on their fitness journey. Wherever you are on the spectrum of fitness, this class provides a structure that you can incorporate into your daily lives. Whatever your goals may be, this class will help you reach them. Whether it is training to perform better in your adult league games, training for a triathlon, wanting to go on runs with your dogs, hike Mt. Charleston, or walking around your neighborhood with your family, this is for you. We really just want to see that smile on your face when you reach your goals and help you to set new ones.


John Neo
Kirk Underwood

Originally from Littleton, Colorado Kirk grew up playing elite youth hockey in his home state. He went on to play four seasons of junior hockey before committing to Chatham University (NCAA Div. 3). He took on a leadership role right away. He was named Captain his sophomore year in addition to leading the team in scoring. He transferred to UNLV for his last two seasons of college hockey and to complete his Bachelors degree in Kinesiology. Kirk discovered his passion for coaching early on in hockey career and began coaching while playing junior hockey. He completed his first internship at Finish First Sports Performance during his freshman year and stepped in to become the strength and conditioning coach for the Chatham Men's Ice Hockey team where he created an all-encompassing program for an NCAA III program. . Since graduating he has been working with youth athletes, elite athletes and adults to help them to reach their strength and conditioning goals.

John Neo
Adrian Wolff

Adrian Wolff grew up playing hockey in Chicago, IL. He played competitively as a goaltender for various travel teams throughout the southwest suburbs of Chicago. After playing four years of high school hockey at the varsity level, he decided to move on from the sport and pursue a career in the military. He was awarded a Navy ROTC scholarship to the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and commissioned as an officer in the U.S. Navy after graduating with his bachelor’s degree. After serving five years on active duty, he went back to school to earn his master’s degree and begin a career as a strength and conditioning coach. During his time studying exercise science he accumulated thousands of hours coaching athletes and everyday people in the aspects of sports performance, functional fitness, and nutrition. He moved to Las Vegas in 2020 to advance his career in fitness and continue coaching athletes and everyday people alike.

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