Q:Can I bring my pet?

Pets are not allowed, service animals welcome.


Q:What is Free Style?

This is the scheduled training time for figure skaters.

Q:Is it cold in the Ice Rink? What should I wear?

LVIC suggests Long Pants, Short Sleeve Shirt, Long Sleeve Shirt, and a Light Jacket. Layers are the key to keeping warm while skating.

Q:Can I bring in my own food to eat while I am at the facility?

LVIC does not allow any outside food or beverages in the facility at any time. We offer a full service Snack Bar in the Lobby. Thank you for your cooperation.

Q:What are the smallest/largest size skates available for rental?

The smallest is a CHILD SIZE 8, and Largest is a MENS SIZE 14.


Q:I see POWER SKATING on the schedule... what gear is required?

Full Gear is requried for Power Skating Class.

Q:What gear is required for Stick & Puck?

Hockey Helmet, Hockey Gloves, Elbow Pads and Shin Guards (Legs must be completely covered by Hockey Socks or Long Pants), and of course Skates , Hockey Stick & Puck.

Q:What is the price for Stick & Puck?

$10 per session for adults - and $5 for the 12 & Under Stick & Puck sessions.

Q:What gear is required for Open Hockey?

Full Gear is required, including Skates, Hockey Stick & Pucks.

Q:What is the price for Open Hockey?

$10 per session

Q:I am a Goalie - Do I skate for free?

Open Hockey - Yes, goalies skate free.
Stick & Puck - No, everyone pays for the session.

Q:Can I rent hockey gear?

We do not rent out hockey gear.

Figure Skating

Q:Do I need to pay for a Free Style session or Public Skate session if I have a lesson with my coach during that session?

Yes, you need to pay for the Free Style session or Public Skate Session in the ProShop.

Q:What is the price for Free Style?

$10 per hour or you can purchase a FS card at the ProShop. A $100 card will cover 11 one-hour sessions.

Learn to Skate

Q:Do I need previous skating experience?

No. Skaters do not need to have previous skating experience, but it is recommended that you skate at least one time before Learn to Skate class.

Q:How do I sign up for a Learn to Skate class?

On the FIGURE SKATING page of this website, under the Learn To Skate tab, you will find a Learn to Skate registration form for the current semester. Online registration is open before the next semester starts. If you did not make the online registration deadline, please download the paper registration and register in person or email to [email protected] We will contact you for payment over the phone.

Q:How do I make-up a class?

The class can be made-up by attending a Learn to Skate class on another day of the same week that was missed or the following week. You do not need to tell us in advance which day you will be doing your make-up class.

Q:What do I bring?

Warm clothes and gloves are recommended for classes. Skaters may also wear (but are not required to wear) helmets and pads.

Q:What if I just want to try one Learn to Skate class?

A skater may do a drop-in class any day of a Learn to Skate session, paying $17.50 per drop-in.

Q:Can I start Learn to Skate classes in the middle of a session?

Yes. Learn to Skate may be started before the 5th week, and the remaining classes will be prorated. After the 5th week, you may still attend Learn to Skate classes but must pay the drop-in fee of $17.50 per class.

Q:How old do I need to be to start Learn to Skate Classes?

Learn to Skate may be started at any age, but it is recommended that skaters begin at about 4 years old or have had previous skating experience if younger.

Hockey 1,2,3

Q:What gear is required for Hockey 123?

Each participant is required to have the following.... Skates, Helmet with cage or full face shield, Chest Protector, Pants, Gloves, Shin Guards, Elbow Pads, Mouth Guard, Jock (male players) or Pelvic Protector (female players), and a Stick.  Your skater will receive a FREE Hockey 123 jersey with the semester.

Q:When can I start Hockey 123?

We now have an INTRO level in Hockey 123, so your skater can start directly in the Hockey 123 program.  Please note - FULL GEAR is required to participate in Hockey 123.  This includes Skates, Helmet with cage or full face shield, Chest Protector, Pants, Gloves, Shin Guards, Elbow Pads, Mouth Guard, Jock (male players or Pelvic Protector (female players), and a Stick.  Your skater will receive a Hockey 123 jersey for FREE!

Public Skate

Q:What are the Public Skate hours?

Our Public Skate hours are generally Monday-Friday 1230 pm – 230 pm, Friday & Saturday Nights 730 pm – 930 pm, and Saturday & Sunday Afternoons 1 pm – 3 pm.Please check the Ice Schedule Page  for any changes.

Q:My children want to come to the Public Skate, but I only want to watch from the bleachers. Do I need to pay admission for myself?

No, you’re fine. Just enjoy watching your children skate, and stop by the Snack Bar if you would like to buy a cup of coffee or hot cocoa.

Q:What is the price for Public Skate? And Does that include rental skates?

2 HOUR SESSIONS - Adults and skaters under 18 years old are $10, We offer a $2 discount to these prices if you have your own skates. Skaters under 6 yrs old are $6. Yes these prices all include Skate Rental.

Q:How do I use my Public Skate pass?

Public Skate passes may be used for 5 free public skate sessions and can be used at any Public Skate session at Las Vegas Ice Center. Rental skates are not included.

Q:Can I reserve a walker for my child for Public Skate?

Ice Walkers are available for rental at the admission desk for $5 each. We have 40 walkers available for rental during the daytime Public Skate sessions and Saturday evening. Walkers are not available on the Friday evening Public Skate session.

Home School Fridays

Q:What are the upcoming dates/times in 2017 for Home School Friday?







HOME SCHOOL skate takes place during our regularly scheduled PUBLIC SKATE on the dates stated above from 1230-230pm.  Please check regularly for updates.

Q:What is the price for Home School Fridays?

$6 per skater, this includes skate rental and a small Hot Cocoa! And one parent skates Free!

Q:My child is part of the Home School Program. Do you have a special skate time for us each month?

We offer Home School Friday on the first Friday of each month during our afternoon Public Skate 12:30 pm-2:30 pm. Pricing is $6 per student & 1 parent skates free, and one complimentary cup of Hot Cocoa per skater!  Please note - sessions may be amended due to Hockey Tournaments or other events, make sure to check our schedule to confirm date & time.  You can also check the other questions in this topic for the expected dates.

Parties & Events

Q:How do I book a Private Event?

We require a 2 hour Private Ice Rental plus a $150 minimum Catering Order, $2 per person Skate Rental, and $3 Ice Walker Rentals for Private Events. Please call 702.320.7777 ext. 115 for more information.

Q:How do I book a Birthday Party?

Please review the Parties & Events page on this website and call 702.320.7777 x 115 to book the party.

Q:I have several coupons, gift certificates and discount cards for birthday parties. Can I use them all for one party?

Only one coupon, gift certificate or discount card may be used per party. Please mention these discounts at time of booking, and present them when you arrive for the party.


Q:How do I book a Fundraiser Event at the LVIC?

Please call our office staff to set up a fundraiser.

Advertise at LVIC

Q:How can I advertise at LVIC?

Come on "Board" and display your company brand on our dasher boards.

Please call 702 320-7777 or cell 702 379-3581 and ask for Parker. She’ll be happy to assist you.